The fullness of summer has arrived – a time when straw hats will reign on the head of many of us. In stores you will find many models that can be styled in different ways. Check how to wear a straw hat depending on the place and occasion, so as not to commit a fashion faux pas.

Straw hat and the nature of styling

Depending on whether you want to wear a straw hat to a slightly more formal or everyday styling, the model will differ. Nowadays we can get many types of hats in stores, which differ in character and level of elegance.

Straw hat for elegant styling

A straw hat can be successfully worn for elegant, formal occasions. However, every effort should be made to properly match it with the rest of the styling. It should be the same color as the rest of the outfit and fit the shape and size of our head. According to the rules of elegance, for a straw hat to look really sophisticated, our styling should include another straw element, such as a handbag or shoes. Elegant straw hat is covered with a special coating that maintains the rigid shape of the headgear and prevents straws from sticking out.

Straw hat in urban styling

Summer is the time of year when we like to wear straw hats with urban styling. It then adds an everyday flair and at the same time protects our head from the sun’s rays. An urban straw hat should also colorfully match the rest of the outfit and not overwhelm it with its size. It is good when it is part of a cohesive look – the hat should have some element consistent with the rest of the styling or the styling should have some element consistent with the headwear. A straw hat can be successfully put on the top of the head, which will look great for ladies with lush hair.

Straw hat for the beach

A straw hat is most often associated with a truly beach look. The headgear for the beach is usually openwork or rarely braided – all so as not to interfere with proper air circulation. Its brim should be larger to cover the neckline and shoulders as well. It should be made of natural, airy materials so that you can feel completely comfortable in it.

Styling with a straw hat in the lead role

If you are looking for a feminine, informal styling in which the straw hat comes to the fore, wear a satin midi dress in a light color and complement it with this tasteful headgear. If you prefer dresses in darker colors, choose light-colored accessories that will relate to the straw color of the hat. Match a cream-colored dress with accessories in a distinctive color to liven up the whole look.

A straw hat does not have to be worn only with a dress. We can create fashionable urban styling by combining the hat with light jeans, a light blouse and a blue shirt imposed on top. To this, comfortable sneakers or sandals and mandatory dark glasses. In this combination you will look like a summer fashion icon.

For a straw hat with a large brim, a long dress in a floral pattern, decorated with delicate lace will be a great match. Such romantic styling will emphasize your femininity and is perfect for summer evenings for two.

main photo: Chew

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