Jade roller is a cosmetic hit of recent months – a must-have gadget for every beauty enthusiast. What are the effects of regular face massage with a jade stone? What good can jade give to our skin?

Learn the secret power of jade

Before we present the most important jade roller facial massage tips and benefits of this type of beauty treatment, it is worth explaining what jade actually is. It is a beneficial stone widely valued in Chinese medicine (considered the stone of youth). It can be colourless or white, yellow, green or purple. Jade is a unique stone that helps maintain good skin condition and has a positive effect on the psyche. According to Asians, it is a remedy for many beauty imperfections such as:

  • dark circles under the eyes,
  • puffiness of the face,
  • enlarged pores,
  • wrinkles,
  • overproduction of sebum,
  • gray, tired skin.

The jade roller massage enhances the absorption of active ingredients from various cosmetics such as serums. It allows to improve facial oval and increases skin oxygenation. What is important, jade roller is very affordable – costs as much as cream from medium price range (cheapest jade rollers cost less than 30 zł, but if we care about quality, it is worth to spend 80-100 zł). Stone roller can be purchased both in the drugstore online as well as stationary. Its use is pleasant and uncomplicated. How to properly massage the skin with this popular gadget?

How to use jade roller? Face and neck massage

Before using it, it’s a good idea to put the jade roller in the refrigerator to cool it down. Before starting the massage, you need to cleanse your skin carefully. Although the treatment can be performed dry, it is advisable to use argan or coconut oil during the massage to get the best results. Remember that the movements with a chilled stone roller must be performed from the inside out (from the nose to the ear, from the center of the forehead to the sides and from the jaw line to the temples). After completing the massage of the face it is worth to direct the roller to the neck. Remember to massage each area 3-5 times. Do not press the device too hard on the skin, so as not to irritate it and not to lead to bruising. When you are done, simply wash the gadget with soapy water or wipe it with a cloth soaked in alcohol to disinfect it.

How often to perform jade roller massage? Optimal will be 2-3 treatments per week.

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For whom is the jade roller recommended?

Regular massages with jade roller is an ideal solution for women who want to improve skin microcirculation, restore a youthful, healthy glow to the face, reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. The natural coolness that the stone gives off is effective in reducing puffiness on the face, relaxing the muscles, relaxing and relaxing. The jade roller can be used by both young women and those who are fighting the first signs of skin aging

We hope that our article will encourage you to purchase and use a jade roller. Positive effects of massages performed at home you will notice after a few uses of this gadget. Of course, if you want to enjoy beautiful, healthy skin, do not forget about daily, careful care and always use creams with sunscreen.

Main Photo: RODNAE Productions/pexels.com

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