Shaving the legs is an activity that many girls perform for the first time in their teenage years. Many harmful myths have been created about depilation and shaving. See if you know them all and learn the truth about shaving and depilation so you never make mistakes again!

1. FACT: Waxing leg hair removal makes hair grow back finer

Leg waxing is the treatment of choice for many women. Performed regularly, it actually contributes to weakening the hair that grows back. Thus, over time, they become considerably finer. Some women believe that thanks to waxing they additionally enjoy silky soft and smooth skin.

2. MIT: Hair darkens after regular shaving and grows back definitely thicker

This is definitely a myth that needs to be debunked. Shaving removes hair from the surface of the skin. So it has no effect on their color or density. Sometimes short hairs appear a tad thicker. This is probably why many people still believe the myth and mindlessly duplicate it.

3. MIT: When a woman shaves her face she will grow a beard

This is a similar example to the one above. It is not possible for a shaved face to suddenly grow a lush beard. Today, facial hair removal is a common beauty treatment. Smooth skin after shaving better absorbs nutrients from the cosmetics we put on it. In addition, along with the hair, we remove dead cells from the face with a razor. Makeup on a perfectly smooth face also looks much better. 

4. FACT: Hair should not be trimmed and shaved before waxing

Wax depilation will only be successful if your hair is longer. You should not trim your hair before visiting a beauty salon. You will get the best results when your hair is three or even four weeks old.

5. MIT: Shaving will remove your tan

In this case, it is important to accurately separate natural and artificial tans. The former is formed in the body’s pigment cells, while the latter is formed on the surface of the skin. A natural tan will certainly not disappear from razors. The one created in a tanning bed may fade a bit, as razors remove loose dead cells on the skin.

6. FACT: Laser depilation will not work for everyone

It’s true. The effect of lasers is affected by melanin. People with darker hair and lighter skin are the lucky ones, because in their case this treatment will produce satisfactory results. The laser precisely targets the hair follicle, not the skin next to it. The most effective laser hair removal is performed on people with light and possibly medium skin tones with hair ranging from natural blonde to dark brown or black. Contraindications to laser hair removal may include certain medications and pregnancy.

7. MIT: You should never shave your legs above the knee

This is total nonsense. There is nothing wrong with shaving your legs above the knees. If you want to shave your thighs, just do it, don’t be afraid of anything. Many women believe that they should not be shaved. However, this depends entirely on one’s personal preference. 

8. FACT: Waxing contributes to ingrown hairs

Yes, it is true. Waxing sometimes contributes to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are caused by poor growth of the hair from the follicle. Instead of growing to the surface, the hair grows into the skin and causes irritation. Waxing can contribute to more ingrown hairs than shaving. However, this is not a rule. If we take care of proper exfoliation, this problem will certainly not affect us. 

main photo: Grabowska

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