Shaving legs is a real pain for many women. How do you get the job done quickly and without painful jams? Check it out!

Most women don’t like shaving their legs. It’s quite labor intensive, and a moment of inattention is enough to get a cut, which is quite painful. Plus, it can leave scars. Hair on legs is considered today (because a few decades ago it was something normal) as not elegant, indicating a lack of self-care. Are there ways to shave your legs quickly and painlessly? It turns out, yes!

Shaving legs in 5 seconds-is it possible?

Any woman who uses a razor to depilate her legs knows that it takes anywhere from a few minutes to over a dozen minutes. And it requires patience and maximum focus. A recent TikToker posted a video claiming she could shave one leg in just five seconds. Is it possible, and if so, how do you do it? Lauren Henderson proved that it is. Her trick has been viewed over 1.3 million times on TikTok!

What’s the secret to her hair removal? It’s all about not pulling the razor away from the skin. You have to move it up and down, against the hair and with the hair. TikTokerka makes sure this method works even on your knees and there’s no risk of snagging. Amazing? Definitely worth testing.

Suggesting numerous opinions of women watching her – this method seems to actually work. Although many people are worried that this way their legs won’t be shaved properly, that the razor will clog or jam. However, some ladies who have tried it assure that they have no intention of ever shaving their legs any other way again. Plus, this method doesn’t irritate the skin, which is a common problem with epilation.

One thing to remember when trying Lauren Henderson’s method is to use a razor with a very sharp blade. A good quality razor is the key to success. If you use a blunt one, you’re sure not all the hairs will be removed. Plus, you can’t epilate dry, you need to use an appropriate product, preferably one designed for women (men’s and women’s skin is different). It is best to use a gel or foam, especially since there are some on the market that delay hair regrowth.

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