In the summer we allow ourselves to have a more casual style, this applies to styling, hairstyle, as well as the shades in which we paint our nails. Vacation manicure should be colorful and full of accents associated with summer. Most colors look great with tanned skin. For the time of your vacation, choose a nail style, which you wouldn’t allow yourself to do while going to work. The best inspiration for your nails is to make crazy decisions and enjoy life. Here are over a dozen trendy nail art ideas for summer! Most of them rely on pastel colors, original decorations or funny patterns painted on the nail plate. Get inspired and check what manicure you want to have on your hands during the summer months

Summer brings to mind only good associations, long, warm evenings, meetings with friends by the fire, lying on the warm sand or swimming in the sea. During vacations we usually show more of our body, so we are more meticulous about looking perfect. An important part is choosing a holiday manicure, which can fantastically complement our beach look. This is the time when you can realize your nail ideas, which until now you did not have the courage to do. There’s no place for boring nail art with muted or delicate colors in the summer. Ask your stylist to paint each nail with a different polish, or opt for a lime green French manicure. Below are a few styles that can give you a hint on how you want your manicure to look

Ideas for a trendy manicure perfect for summer

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